Tynan, Katharine (Mrs. Tynan Hinkson)

(b. 1861)
   Novelist and verse writer. Louise de la Vallière (1885), Shamrocks (1887), Ballads and Lyrics (1890), Cuckoo Songs (1894), A Cluster of Nuts (1894), An Isle in the Water, The Way of a Maid (1895), Miracle Plays (1896), A Lover's Breast Knot (1896), The Handsome Brandons, The Wind in the Trees (poems) (1898), The Dear Irish Girl, She Walks in Beauty (1899), Three Fair Maids (1900), That Sweet Enemy (1901), Love of Sisters (1902), A Red Red Rose (1903), Judy's Lovers (1905), A Yellow Domino (1906), For Maisie (1907), Her Mother's Daughter (1909), etc.

Short biographical dictionary of English literature . . 2011.

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